Who Said Running a Business Would be Easy...

Hey all,

So, we are happy to announce that the new beanies are here and ready for you to order! BUT we did experience a little issue resulting in a difficult, but necessary, change of plans.

Unfortunately, due to a manufacturer error, we will not have extra large beanies (THIS DOES NOT MEAN IT WILL NOT HAPPEN) instead, we will be introducing big kid sizes. The 4 beanies pictured below, are available in sizes, for kids and adults. The adult size beanies still fit most and all are UNISEX! Yes, that means more options for the men. Below we've listed all of the exact sizes so you can determine which will be the best fit for you.

Exact Sizes:

Small or Kids

Gray- length 9in

Circumference- up to 22in

Red-length 10in

Circumference- up to 20in

Teal-length 11in

Circumference- up to 22in

Black- length 10in

Circumference- up to 20in

Large or Adult:

Gray- length 11in

Circumference- up to 24in

Red- length 12in

Circumference- up to 22in

Teal- length 13

Circumference up to 24in

Black- length 12in

Circumference- up to 22in

We do apologize for not being able to provide the items as planned but this was a true test for us as small business owners =/

We are still working on new designs, and larger sizes of course, and cannot wait to hear your suggestions!


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