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It was all a Dream...


Blaire (left) and Jordan (right) at age 4

We grew up together in a small town outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We have known each other forever, and we really mean forever! Our mothers were best friends since third grade, so it only made sense that we would have the same connection. We grew up like sisters, always together and dressing alike, so much so that everyone thought we were twins.


We attended different elementary and middle schools but were finally reunited when we entered Conestoga High School in Berwyn. When we graduated from high School we went our separate ways; Blaire attended West Chester University of Pennsylvania, graduating with a degree in Health Science and Spanish, and Jordan attended the University of Maryland, College Park, graduating with an Economics degree. Even though we were many miles apart, our relationship never suffered. While in College we always supported each other’s activities. Jordan played Rugby and when she competed against Blaire's school, Blaire would always be there rooting for her even if that meant going against her own University. We visited each other at School and when we came home for the holidays we always made sure we hung out together. 


Neither of us went to school for fashion, but we were always passionate and inspired by it. More importantly, we were both very concerned with the health of our hair. Growing up in Suburban neighborhoods we did not have access to many different hair products unless we drove a distance. This gave us a greater desire to go above and beyond to take care of our hair. This included wearing hair scarves or bonnets at night to protect our hair from the harsh materials of pillow cases such as cotton. We searched and searched for a garment that would help, but did not find any. So in August, 2013 we came together and decided to invent hats that had the same satin technology of a scarf or bonnet already installed into them. We are excited to introduce Natural Born Hats, LLC. We give truth to the saying “necessity breeds invention”. We hope you will enjoy our products!

Our Satin-Lined Hats and Hair Care Tools are designed to cater to diverse hair textures and styles.

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