Why You Need to Try a Protective Style This Season

Why you need to try a protective style this season

Winter is harsh on hair. Cold air sucks the moisture out of our precious strands like a vaccuum. This easily leads to breakage if extra measures aren't taken. Protective styles are used to safely shield your ends while keeping strands mositurized. There are hundreds of different protective styles that include Low Buns, Box braids, Jumbo twists, and Goddess Braids. They require little daily upkeep to remoisturize strands and by doing so, promote growth.

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I recently got box braids. My curls were suffering in the bitter northeastern air so I had to do something quick. Before I had the braids installed, I made sure my hair was at it's peak moisture level. Making sure your natural hair is moisturized before protective styling is KEY otheriwse it could lead to more breakage! Hair is so strong yet so fragile at the same time *sigh*.

Details on hair: 6 packs of Vivica A. Fox braiding hair were used. I love Vivica's line and will be using it again. The hair is soft and lightweight. I have had my braids in for a week (pictured above) and they still look great so I know I will be able to wear this style for at least two more weeks.

Now, let's talk about protecting your protective style. Even if your style uses extensions, protecting it is a must in order to prolong it and reap the maximum benefits. You should be adding some type of moisture to your hair daily, regardless of the style. Refresher sprays are a great way to quickly add light moisture. A good diy refresher spray: water, aloe vera juice, some sort of oil (I use tea tree), & a leave-in conditioner of your choice. In addition, I've been using our Satin Lined Hats to keep my braids as fresh as I can. My scalp gets dry very quickly so the Satin works to help keep it moisturized and itch-free. With many styles ranging from Fedoras to our Signature Beanies, I am able to keep my hair looking great no matter what the occasion!

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