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Top 5 Benefits of Satin for Hair & Scalp


Are Satin Lined Hats really that much better for your hair/scalp? We vote YES! Here's why:

1. Feels soft on hair/scalp- After all, a hat is all about how it makes you feel; Inside and out. We've coined the phrase "Satin Lined | Peace of Mind" because when wearing one of our creations, you can have "Peace of Mind" knowing your hair is protected and able to thrive.

2. Maintains Moisture- Satin allows hair to maintain moisture because the fabric is not very absorbent. It does not contain properties that suck moisture out of hair like cotton, wool, acrylic, & even straw can. This applies to ALL hair types and is the most important benefit of our Satin Lined Creations.

3. Prevents Frizz- Satin creates a protective barrier for hair which allows curls to keep their shape and on the flip side you can still rock your blow out on a rainy day. Everyone wins!

4. Promotes Growth- For those in the process of growing hair back, Satin allows new hair (which can be very delicate) to retain the moisture it needs to stay strong and continue growing. New hair is also able to glide across the Satin without snagging; ensuring length retention.

5. Controls "fly-aways"- This benefits kinky, coily, curly, wavy, AAAND straight hair! "Fly-aways" are those pesky little hairs that stick up on the top of your head. When they glide across the Satin, they are simultaneously being smoothed down and controlled. Wear a Satin Lined Hat during your morning commute and have "Peace of Mind" all day.

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